Pregnancy and parenting can be an intimidating process, especially the first time you have a child. The rewards of bringing a new life into the world far outweigh any of the negatives. You do not have to face this alone; we are here to help you. Women’s Pregnancy Center provides pregnancy and parenting education through our program Life Directions. At Life Directions, it is our desire to serve the community through education. We provide a voucher program that includes Group Classes and Individual Education for both pregnant clients and clients who are currently parents. Here is a list of some of the classes that are offered: Childbirth, Baby Basics, A Time to Heal, Nutritional Needs and many more. Some of the classes are offered in Spanish. We also have a Daddy Program in which we provide the fathers-to-be a “Daddy Pack”, videos, handouts, classes and a male consultant for communication and encouragement.