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Pregnancy wasn't supposed to happen at this time in your life! You have plans and dreams that didn't include a baby. Adoption could be a choice for you.
To choose adoption for a child can be a very loving and mature decision - a fact often overlooked when a woman experiences an unplanned pregnancy. There are three types of adoption:
*Closed or confidential - describes an adoption where only non-identifying social and medical information is exchanged between parties to an adoption through the agency or intermediary. There is no direct, ongoing relationship between the birthparents and adoptive parents.

*Semi-open - describes a range of practices that involve the exchange of information and contact between adoptive parents and biological parents. It usually includes all relationship shy of full disclosure of identifying information (full names and addresses and direct continuing contact between the parties after the adoption.

*Open - describes an adoption where identifying information has been exchanged between the birthparents and the adoptive parents and they have established a direct, ongoing relationship.

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